Impax Environmental Markets plc

Impax Environmental Markets plc seeks to achieve sustainable, above market returns over the longer term by investing globally in companies active in the growing Resource Efficiency and Environmental Markets. These markets address a number of long term macro-economic themes: growing populations, rising living standards, increasing urbanisation, rising consumption, and depletion of limited natural resources. Investments are made in 'pure-play' small and mid cap companies which have >50% of their underlying revenue generated by sales of environmental products or services in the energy efficiency, renewable energy, water, waste and sustainable food and agriculture markets.

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  • Launch date

    February 2002

  • Portfolio managers

    Bruce Jenkyn-Jones
    Jon Forster

  • Universe

    c.1,100 companies

Key facts

Vehicle Investment trust
Exchange London
Currency GBP
Bloomberg ticker IEM LN
ISIN GB0031232498
Ongoing charge
Risk rating Category 4/7

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How to invest

There are a number of ways to invest, including via several investment platforms:

All data as at 30 April 2019, unless otherwise stated. Third party trademarks are used with the permission of their owners.


Cumulative performance

Cumulative performance (%) GBP

  1m 3m YTD 1yr 3yrs 5yrs
NAV per Share (TR)1 5.0 13.5 19.4 10.5 60.0 82.3
Share Price 5.6 13.0 19.8 13.9 81.5 110.6
FTSE ET Index2 2.8 8.6 13.2 7.9 47.0 59.6
MSCI ACWI 3.3 8.4 13.3 11.0 55.2 81.3


Discrete performance (%) GBP

  MAY-18 to APR-19 MAY-17 to APR-18 MAY-16 to APR-17 MAY-15 to APR-16 MAY-14 to APR-15
NAV per Share (TR)1 10.5 6.1 36.5 7.0 6.5
Share Price 13.9 19.2 33.6 7.8 7.6
FTSE ET Index2 7.9 4.2 30.7 -3.8 12.9
MSCI ACWI 11.0 7.2 30.4 -1.0 18.1


All data as at 30 April 2019, unless otherwise stated.

Source: FactSet, Bloomberg, WM Reuters. Data is in GBP. FTSE index is total return (gross dividend reinvested), MSCI index is total net return (net dividend reinvested). 1Source: Bloomberg TR. 2FTSE ET is a combination of FTSE ET100 and FTSE ET50 indices. FTSE ET50 data is from since inception to December 2013 and FTSE ET100 data from January 2014 onwards. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you have invested.

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Investors can invest either through the purchasing of shares through a stockbroker, bank, or other financial intermediary, or through several investment platforms:

Third party trademarks are used with the permission of their owners.