The Water strategy seeks to achieve sustainable, above market returns over the longer term by investing globally in companies active in the rapidly growing water value chain. Investments are made in stocks of companies that generate >20% of their underlying revenue through products and services that address a number of long term macro-economic themes: growing populations, rising living standards, increasing urbanisation, rising consumption, aging in developed countries' water infrastructure, more stringent water quality regulations, and depletion of clean water supplies.

Key facts

Geographic focus Global
Characteristic Growth
Currency EUR, USD
Investment horizon Long term
Sector focus Water Infrastructure, Treatment and Utilities
Launch date 1 January 2009
Strategy AUM £2,694m

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As at 31 December 2017

Portfolio Managers

Hubert Aarts -
Co-Head of Listed Equities, Executive Director

Hubert is an executive director and co-head of listed equities, together with Bruce Jenkyn-Jones.  He is also responsible as co-portfolio manager for Impax’s Leaders and Water strategies, as well as leading Impax's macro-economic research process.

Hubert joined Impax in 2007 from Cambrian Capital Partners LLP, where he was a partner and portfolio manager of the Curalium fund and Incremental Leveraged hedge funds.

Having started his career in the investment industry in 1990, Hubert has extensive experience investing in Pan-European equities as a portfolio manager at MeesPierson and Merrill Lynch Investment Managers/BlackRock, where he chaired the European Sector Strategy Group.

He holds a Master's degree in Economics and Business Administration from Maastricht University.

Bruce Jenkyn-Jones -
Co-Head of Listed Equities, Executive Director

Bruce is an Executive Director and Co-Head of Listed Equities along with Hubert Aarts.

Together they are responsible for the development of the investment process, research and team. Bruce has an active role in the day to day management of all Impax listed equity portfolios and is on the portfolio construction team for all strategies. Bruce joined Impax in 1999 where he worked initially on venture capital investments before developing the listed equity business. Before joining Impax, Bruce worked as a utilities analyst at Bankers Trust and as an environmental consultant for Environmental Resources Management (ERM). Bruce has an MBA from IESE (Barcelona), an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College and a degree in Chemistry from Oxford.