Our Values

Commitment to our clients:

The interests of our clients are our priority.

We work in partnership with our clients.  We endeavour to deliver on their specific investment objectives through hard work, understanding, integrity, discretion, transparency and clear communication.

Commitment to our staff:

We recognise that our colleagues' skills, experience and commitment are both our greatest assets and the cornerstone of our business. 

We seek to attract and retain the best people for each specific role and to foster a supportive and empowering working culture

We believe that the diversity of our team and the promotion of equal opportunities are key to enhancing our success.

Commitment to pursuing successful investment strategies:

We invest for the long term.

We employ a robust, repeatable investment process.

Our investment decisions are based on strong teamwork. 

Our focus on resource efficiency and environmental markets is based on our confidence that these high growth areas of the economy are the key to future sustainable economic growth and are likely to deliver superior performance.

We believe that a thorough approach to the management of risk, including environmental and social risks, will enhance long-term investment returns.  We seek to focus our investment in companies with strong governance.

Commitment to responsible citizenship:

We aspire to the highest standards of corporate responsibility in the communities in which we work and invest. 

We are committed to minimising our direct impact on the environment through the effective management of energy and resources.

We aim to be an active member of trade and industry organisations that are dedicated to promoting investment in the environment and the more efficient use of natural resources.  We support charities and encourage our staff to volunteer with organisations that are also involved in these areas and where we can have a measurable impact.