Sustainable Property – a significant value creation opportunity

Sustainable Property - a significant value creation opportunity                     

Buildings contribute approximately 45% of global carbon dioxideemissions through heating, lighting, cooling and power.  The UK will inevitably need to transition towards more sustainable property as part of the drive to meet stricter environmental regulations.

We discuss the drivers that make sustainable property a convincing investment case, and outline how "Green Alpha" is generated.


Overview and Outlook of Resource Optimisation and Environmental Markets Q2 2014

Bruce Jenkin-Jones

The rapid development of desalination capacity

Adaptation to changing weather patterns is one of the four principal drivers that Impax believes underpin a multi-decade opportunity when considering investments in the water sector.  As the increasing unpredictability of weather patterns leads governments and municipalities to look at new water infrastructure investments, Impax sees drought-ravaged California as a large potential contributor to the 19% annual growth expectations in global desalination markets[i].

Technological innovation: step change versus incremental technologies

Post Election Indian Infrastructure Outlook

India has suffered an extended period of policy paralysis under the incumbent Congress Party. Economic growth has disappointed and inflation has remained stubbornly high.  As the result of the world's largest democratic election approaches most commentators are forecasting that the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party ("BJP"), under Narendra Modi, will form a new coalition government. 

Outlook for Environmental Policy and Regulation

Climate Change: a major issue for investors

Ian Simm

Overview and Outlook of Resource Optimisation and Environmental Markets Q4

Bruce Jenkin-Jones

Broad based optimism for 2014

Ian Simm

It's been a long time since the outlook for resource efficiency stocks and environmental markets has been quite as good as it is right now. The next 12 months look promising across our investment strategies, buoyed by a broad-based cyclical recovery from the deepest downturn in living memory.

But there is much more at play than a cyclical pick-up.  Away from the headlines, the last few years have seen the ratchet of building regulations, energy efficiency standards and pollution limits continue to tighten.  And, as the global economy recovers, companies exposed to these themes are seeing their earnings start to rise strongly as houses get built, cars roll off the production lines, and long-delayed infrastructure projects move forward.

Outlook for Asia

We look ahead to 2014 and consider the prospects for the main Asian markets in which we invest, and discuss some of the key themes which we believe will drive our resource efficiency markets across the region.